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About CW Metal Design

For 35 years I worked in the black & white world of contracts and project management. The multicolored world of metal art is a recent adventure.

It was only when my oldest daughter was looking for 4 obelisks for her wedding that I acted on an interest I had for a number of years. I undertook the design, fabrication, finishing and painting of the obelisks and had a good friend do the welding. Those first 4 obelisks stand as a testament to the start of an ongoing journey.

That fall I took a basic welding course and started to design and build pieces in my spare time. After retiring in late 2014, I decided to pursue metal art full time. My first show was a success in all aspects and confirmed that I should continue on this journey.

My faith plays an important role in my work. It is only because of God’s hand on my life that this artistic talent has emerged. Many of my pieces incorporate the cross and Christian symbols. In some pieces, such as my crosses, it is obvious. In others, such as my generation trees it is not so clear but still there.

Although metal is featured in all of my pieces I enjoy incorporating other materials such as wood, glass, stone and marble. Where possible I try to use recycled materials such as old window frames, pipe and glass.

Although my inspiration comes from various sources I find that most of the time if something interests me I give it a try. Then something else piques my interest, so I try that. I call this, my design process, “rabbit trails”. Many times the end product is different than the idea I started with.

Ron Wettlaufer